Commercial Litigation and Commercial Debt Collection

Mr. Sutton has represented businesses over the years in litigation of their disputes with other businesses. For example, this has included disputes under the Uniform Commercial Code involving the sale of goods or the rights of secured parties against other businesses and creditors. Mr. Sutton has represented businesses and secured parties in litigation and negotiations seeking to obtain their collateral, in fraud and breach of contract cases, and in many other types of disputes. He has also represented construction contractors and subcontractors in their payment disputes, and other businesses seeking to collect their commercial debt in bankruptcy proceedings.

A judgment in a commercial dispute is nothing but a piece of paper unless it can be collected. Mr. Sutton is an experienced collection attorney with over two decades of experience helping businesses collect unpaid accounts owed by other businesses. While Mr. Sutton no longer represents collection agencies, he continues to provide this assistance to businesses in this regard.

His experience also includes helping businesses navigate through the fraud and games played by businesses that seek to avoid payment by transferring assets and other fraudulent tactics. He has successfully brought fraudulent transfer cases in these situations and has even recovered a fraud judgment against another Oregon attorney who assisted his client in transferring assets.

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