Since 2005, Mr. Sutton has served as an arbitrator for the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon. In doing so, he has drawn upon the legal experience gained since 1992. His ongoing volunteer experience as a Circuit Court Judge Pro Tem since 2012 has also provided him with valuable experience to assist him in arbitrating cases. Over the years, Mr. Sutton has heard and decided a variety of types of cases as arbitrator, including domestic relations, personal injury, tort, real estate, commercial, contract, employment, collection, insurance, construction cases, and others. Having worked as an attorney on both sides of these disputes in many of these areas over the years, Mr. Sutton is able to serve as an impartial and effective arbitrator. He is currently serving as an arbitrator for the Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath County Circuit Courts. Mr. Sutton is also available to assist parties in private arbitration as well.

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