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Mr. Sutton assists businesses and agencies seeking to recover on unpaid accounts through written demands, lawsuits and the enforcement of judgments. This also includes assisting secured creditors in obtaining their collateral through provisional process and relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcy court. Mr. Sutton advises agencies on legal compliance and is one of the few attorneys in Oregon certified by ACA International to review collection notices for compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

He also enjoys handling litigation against individuals who have fraudulently transferred assets to avoid creditors. For example, this has included a successful jury trial against an attorney who assisted his client in this type of transfer. Mr. Sutton also handled the successful defense of the appeal of the jury’s verdict against the attorney in which the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the result without opinion. Additionaly, Mr. Sutton has obtained a substantial “six figure” settlement in favor of a judgment creditor against an LLC that was used to hide assets.

From the forgoing background, Mr. Sutton has gained a unique perspective to advise Oregon consumers in protection of their rights under State and federal law. Over the years, he has enjoyed assisting Oregon consumers who have encountered financial fraud and unlawful practices.

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